ScottCare TeleRehab™ VersaCare Telemetry System

ScottCare TeleRehab™ VersaCare Telemetry System
Product code : SC-T001
Manufacturer : ScottCare
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Multi-parameter telemetry solution with integrated program management and outcomes.

As unique and versatile as its clinical users. 
VersaCare, the latest, most innovative model in the TeleRehab product line seamlessly manages all aspects of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. Continuous innovation has made ScottCare’s TeleRehab product the industry leader, and VersaCare is no exception.

As a direct result of ongoing customer feedback, TeleRehab VersaCare features a completely new clinical interface with a sharpened workflow that easily adapts to your unique processes. Spend more time interacting with your patients and less time crunching data.

About This Product


Innovation, Ease of Use, Flexibility

ScottCare's product development team continues developing new solutions to make your job easier. We have taken the often-imitated, game-changing tools we first developed for the telemetry market to the next level, including iPad and PDA functionality, HIPAA-compliance tools, HL-7 interfaces, ECG/SpO2, and ABP functionality.

Ease of Use
"Everything used to take significantly longer than it does now with VersaCare. It quickly became second nature to the nurses," said Scott Hayford, Manager of Cardiac Rehab for Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, Florida. Our point-and-click navigation follows a natural workflow that's intuitive even for computer novices.

Only TeleRehab VersaCare truly offers you the power to be creative. From system configuration (networked workstations, telemetry channels, remote devices, seat licenses, etc.); to the screen layout; to the QRS sweep speeds; to the data fields presented, only VersaCare is flexible enough to work the way you do.

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    I'm little bit angry, because i bought it here, and today i found it cheaper here:
ScottCare TeleRehab™ VersaCare Telemetry System

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Something about Cardiac Rehab Telemetry systems. Telemetry monitoring is the monitoring and analyzing of data that are received at a distance from their source. It usually refers to a certain way of monitoring a hospital patient's heart activity, but it is also the way in which information is received from spaceships and orbiting satellites, among other things. In the context of cardiac monitoring, it serves the same purpose as an ordinary heart monitor, with the difference being that the patient is fitted with a transmitter which sends the data to the area of the hospital where the telemetry monitoring occurs.

One of the main advantages of Cardiac Rehab telemetry monitoring, as it is used in hospitals, is that it allows the patient to get up and move around, at least within the device's transmitting range. In many cases, this is highly preferable to having a patient confined to a bed so that his heart's activity can be observed. Cardiac Rehab Telemetry monitoring continues to be an important part of healthcare and Discount Cardiology is here to help you. 800-507-8244


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