Upgrade your Diagnostic Imaging Offerings

*Complete Dual-Head ClearVision Nuclear Cardiology Camera System, with yourChoice of   Quantitative Software Package.

Special Includes

  • 18 month warranty (a 13K value)
  • Freight (a 3K value)
  • Installation/Training
  • Resolve Half-Time/Half-Dose Software Package (a 25K value)
  • 18 month warranty (a 13K value)

Image your patients in 5-8 minutes

*Package to include Treadmill and Stress System


Call for details regarding this Package. Special pricing offer expires September 30, 2011

Nuclear Cardiology Cameras

Discount Cardiology is one of the largest distributors of Nuclear Cardiology Cameras. We carry Nuclear Cardiology Cameras from the well-known brand G V I Medical Devices. We carry three different models. The GVI nuclear MSPECT imaging, ClearVision, and the OnePass.


ClearVision™ is a new generation dedicated cardiac SPECT imaging system delivering clinically superior at - depth resolution for enhanced diagnostic confidence. mSPECT™ is an advanced design mobile/portable nuclear cardiology dual detector SPECT imaging system providing an ideal cost-effective solution for SPECT imaging at multiple locations using a single system. OnePass™ is a dedicated first-pass nuclear cardiology imaging system providing the ability to obtain precise LV and RV ejection fractions and other cardiac function information at peak exercise or at rest.


Discount Cardiology also rents Nuclear Cameras for hospitals or clinics that are functioning past capacity.


Discount Cardiology (via is one of the largest resellers of EKG / ECG machines, Defibrillators, Holter Systems, Spirometers, Pulse Oximeters and Treadmill Systems. We are also a premier one-stop-shop for all your Cardiology Supply needs -- ECG Electrodes, EKG Chart Paper, ECG Thermal Paper, EKG -ECG Patient Cables, Defibrillator Pads and more. Discount Cardiology also provides Medical Equipment repair services for out-of-warranty equipment and we provide medical equipment rentals.

ClearVision™ Dual Detector SPECT System
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mSPECT Mobile/Portable SPECT Imaging Solution
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